Age Old Liquid Kelp Quart

Age Old Liquid Kelp Quart
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Age Old
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Age Old Kelp .3-.25-.15 Liquid Kelp is the original soil plant biostimulant. When applied as a soil drench, Age Old Kelp liquid concentrate helps build soil tilth, and will restore the biological life of damaged soils. When used as a foilar spray, Age Old Kelp provides needed micronutrients, while improving the uptake of most nutrients. Liquid Kelp concentrate supplies your plants with fast-acting and an odorless sources of minerals.

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Great results at every stage.
Herbal Fingers Doom (Denver) 2/18/2014 4:03 AM
I have been using AOK at my commercial grow and in my breeding space at home and have been nothing but pleased. Recently i used AOK right after germination and soaked my media in it (1 mil./10 oz.) and got 21/21 sprouted growth within 3 days after planting. I am now using it as a foiler spray for my month old plants in veg. In flower i have been mixing it at 1:2 and using it as a foiler spray the plants are more resistant to nut burn than they were before using age old kelp. over all i am very happy with this at all stages of growth. I have read that added anything to close after germination can shock the plant but i have had nothing but positive results with AOK.