Tarantula 1L Liquid

AN Tarantula 1L Liquid
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Tarantula is one of the new breakthrough products for indoor and outdoor hydroponic gardening. Tarantula contains the highest concentration of micro-organisms of any product produced on the market today. Containing 19 strains of beneficial organisms with 1.4 billion colony forming units per gram this diverse blend of micro-organisms is composed of Bacillus, Streptomycetes, Actinomycetes, and Pseudomonas all that form symbiotic relationships with the plants roots.

Producing healthy root systems and strong plants, Tarantula's effects through microbial action also trigger the release of very powerful cytokinins. These cytokinins aid the plant in cell differentiation and production of lateral branching adding more budding sites, greater girth and weight to your plants. Tarantula has been thoroughly field tested and has been shown to produce exceptional growth in the plants through both vegetative and flowering phases. Root mass was greatly increased in further field trials when Tarantula was used along with Piranha, these plots had an increase of 25% more growth than with Piranha alone.

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