Advanced Nutrients Revive 1L

AN Revive 1L
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Advanced Nutrients
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Sometimes, despite your best efforts, crops will develop nutrient deficiencies or other problems that robs them of that vivid green color that customers want. Some people call this 'yellow plant syndrome.' It can be caused by excessive heat/humidity, over-watering, nutrient problems, pathogens, or pests. Affected plants often develop chlorosis (yellowing between leaf veins), but Revive will immediately put the green back into your plants by providing the five most important properly-chelated nutrients for quick correction of yellowing. Revive can be used on mature plants as a foliar or root treatment. It can also be foliar-sprayed on recently-rooted cuttings that are ready to go into a regular grow environment. Sick, yellow, pale plants quickly recover when you use Revive.

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