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Every house has at least one 5 gallon pail lying around that used to contain detergent, paint, etc. Why throw away a perfectly good bucket when you can turn it into genuine useable storage? 
Don't throw away those like-new laundry detergent buckets, put them to good use with Gamma Seal!

The Gamma Seal lid permanently transforms your 12" diameter bucket into an airtight/leak proof storage container. Now a bucket can be used for hundreds of household and other storage applications! Simply snap the patented adapter onto your bucket and spin-on the removeable lid. Specially engineered gaskets ensure that the lid and adapter are properly sealed to ensure airtight protection. I have many of these at home and they keep things organized. I have one for cat food, one for my rock salt, one for lawn fertilizer, one for a diaper pail, one on the boat, and a few others. 
All you do is snap the adapter onto your pail, spin on the lid, and that's it. One quick spin and it's open, closes air/watertight in seconds! No more prying off those difficult lids.
The Gamma Seal lid fits virtually any 3.5-7.0 gallon standardized paint/drywall compound plastic bucket (including 20 liter).  We also sell the buckets (pails). 

PET FOODS-Gamma Seals are excellent for storing dog and cat food, feed, airtight and dry. 
Gamma Seals are excellent to store food, grains, nuts, sugar. Buy bulk foods and keep them fresh with a Gamma Seal.
RESTAURANT/BAKERY-Don't pry lids off any longer. Get quick and easy access to your ingredients, seal airtight in seconds with 
Gamma Seals.
GARAGE-Use gamma Seals to store fertilizer, hardware, rock salt. 
PAINT-Seal and easily reopen your paint pails with a Gamma Seal.
Gamma Seals keep things dry and fresh. Store water, or use it to keep animals and  bugs out of your things. 
AUTO-Keep greasy items in their place with a Gamma Seal Lid. Oil, towels, etc.
FISHING-Snap a gamma Seal on a pail and you have a leakproof, splashproof minnow bucket that floats. 
PICNICS-Fill it with ice and you have a cooler AND something to sit on!

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