Rain Forest 236, 32 Site Aeroponics System

Rainforest 236 Modular Vapori
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General Hydroponics
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The modular RainForest 236 is ideal for propagating seedlings, cuttings, and transplants. Unit maximizes the amount of oxygen available to plant roots facilitating fast and consistent growth in propagated plants. The Vortex Sprayer oxygenates the 17-gallon reservoir by stirring nutrients then evenly distributes the solution to the root zone in a fine mist. The RainForest 236 also includes plastic net cups, CocoTek liners, expanded clay pellets, a three-part Flora Kit, and six two-inch lid inserts. For larger set-ups, RainForest modules can be connected together by a Texas Controller. Measures 2' x 2' x 2'.

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