Live Red Wiggler Worms 300 Count

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Tip Top Bio-Control
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Red Wigglers "aka" Red Worms
Composting Worms- Nature’s Garbage Disposal!
Scientific Name
Eisenia fetida
Composting. Decomposing organic matter. Soil aeration.
Our redworms are bed run (grown outdoors in long rows). Each redworm ingests its weight in organic matter every 24 hours. Its intricate digestive tract makes it possible for the earthworms to excrete highly nutritious fertilizer known as castings.
Product information:
Our redworms are packaged in breathable containers mixed with food and moisture. The earthworms vary in size; packages include eggs, new born worms and adults. Redworms reach mature size in 6 to 12 months.
Release Rates:
Make sure your release site is moist. You can either lay the worms on top of soft soil, or dig a hole approximately 6 inches deep. Dump in the worms and cover with the soft top-soil. If placing the worms in your garden, do several release sites. For compost piles simply add the worms to your bins and the worms will seek out the food. 
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