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We offer friendly service, free advice, and a variety of organic year-round gardening supplies. We promote a healthy lifestyle by supplying the tools and gardening equipment for you to grow your own at home. We'll assist you in getting started and on your way to managing a healthier new lifestyle through home gardening. In a short time, you will be able to grow your own natural/organic produce and herbs. We offer Non-GMO, organic, sustainable, year-round gardening products.

20lb CO2 Tank Exchanges $5.99 In Store

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Acme Hydroponics Trucker Hat
Price $25.99
Sale Price $20.79
You Save $5.20 (20 %)
Xtrasun DE Lighting System, Enclosed, 1000W, 240V
Price $459.99
Sale Price $239.99
You Save $220.00 (48 %)
Hortilux DE 1000w HPS bulb
Price $149.99
Sale Price $71.99
You Save $78.00 (52 %)
Hortilux SE 600 Grow Light System
Price $535.99
Sale Price $336.79
You Save $199.20 (37 %)
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